Made: 1964Hicham Chami Polaroid2
Price: $7.25 Antiques Mall / Belleview, FL
Battery: No. 532 3.0V
Flash: M3 bulb
Viewfinder: Imagesizer
Timer: Say what?
Tripod Socket: Nope
Film: 75 (colour), 3000 (b&w)
Aperture: f/8.8, f/42
Shutter: 1/1200 to 10 sec.



Hicham Chami Polaroid3
Part of the series of Polaroid cameras that began with the Automatic Land Camera 100 and finishing at the Automatic Land Camera 450, this camera shares a common set of features with all models in this line:

– Folding Bellows
– Automatic Exposure
– 100-series Packfilm

The 104 was one of the earliest ‘consumer’ models of the 100-400 series line of folding Packfilm Land Cameras, similar to many other models; this model features a non-folding, Polaroid-designed zone focusing system and a 2 element plastic lens. It was available with a black leather case as pictured.

The 104 was produced from 1965 until 1967, retailing on release for $60.